Call Me Blondie

“The Blondie Experience”

Call Me Blondie is a visual nonstop show that will bring the Blondie hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s back to life!

Famous songs like Denis, Maria, Heart Of Glass, Rapture, Call Me, Atomic, One Way Or Another and The Tide is High are sung by the young and the old. Blondie’s hits are covered by current artists and often used in movies and commercials. Blondie is still hot!

Call Me Blondie is an ode to Blondie and their many musical styles ranging from pop and disco to reggae and rock. With a charismatic singer stepping into the iconic shoes of Debbie Harry and a well styled band producing energetic guitars, multicoloured keys, tight drums and groovy bass lines this is a surprising act you must experience.

The sound, the voice, the styling, the attitude… Blondie is back!

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